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maca_02Maca Extract Capsules

Maca root extract, which originates from Peru, has been known as a natural remedy to boost libido and energy for centuries. Vitacopia Maca Root Extract has formulated a convenient way to consume maca root extract by condensing it to the size of an everyday capsule. Our Maca Root Extract is not only a way to increase virility. It also contains fatty acids and amino acids which are beneficially to the human body. Consumption is recommended only for adults. Vitacopia’s Maca Root Extract can be consumed everyday to keep you energized and lively.

maca_01Vitacopia’s natural Maca Root Extract can boost sexual drive for both men and women.

The fatty acids, which are naturally in maca, help lower the risk of heart disease. These fatty acids are essential to keeping the brain and body healthy and energized.

Amino acids in the Maca Root Extract help boost the immune system, along with muscle development and lower fat buildup in the body.

Recommended Use: For adults, as a dietary supplement, take one or two capsules, twice daily.