Moringa Oleifera ( Leaf ) Capsules

Moringa contains many vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain a healthy life. It improves both short term and long term health.

Moringa contains antioxidants, nutrients, amino acids and anti-inflammatory components that are highly beneficial to the human body.


Maca Extract Capsules

Maca root extract, which originates from Peru, has been known as a natural remedy to boost libido and energy for centuries.

Vitacopia Maca Root Extract has formulated a convenient way to consume maca root extract by condensing it to the size of an everyday capsule.


Green Coffee Bean Capsules

Vitacopia Green Coffee Bean Extract is formulated to naturally help with weight loss and to increase energy.

Chorogenic acid, which is naturally found in green coffee beans, is a primary component in successful weight loss.


Sea Cucumber Extract Capsules

Vitacopia Sea Cucumber is derived from ancient Chinese medicinal practice and usage of the sea cucumber. It has countless of health benefits.

Vitacopia Sea Cucumber provides all the health benefits of naturally harvested sea cucumber without the inconvenience of its preparation.

Nutravite LLC believes in providing the best quality natural, healthful items and great value to its customers. Therefore, we have developed and produced a series of supplements and related products under the VITACOPIA brand.

Every Vitacopia product is made from natural ingredients that have been used as traditional remedies for centuries. We have adapted these long established remedies to be consumed in a modern fashion, thereby allowing today´s consumer easy access to the benefits of a variety of traditional remedies with a minimum of effort.

With research and collaboration with nutritionists and food scientists, we have developed natural items that are healthful and beneficial to our consumers. We are confident that our quality natural products will continue to satisfy the needs of our customers.